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NextEra Insights Inc.

Insights for transition and transformation from current energy era to the next.

Environmental concerns are driving generational shift in the energy sector.

Energy industry is expected to decarbonize by switching from coal to natural gas to hydrogen.

Technological advances, maturity, and scale have already made smaller distributed renewable energy sources competitive with large non-renewable sources. The same is expected for various forms of energy storage.

This continued transition creates risks and opportunities in many areas.

Both supply side and demand side are changing at a fast pace.

Residences, businesses, and industries are considering self-supply, becoming prosumers rather than customers.

This challenges the traditional thinking and business models based on clear supply side and demand side demarcation i.e. one way energy flow.

NextEra Insights helps Client navigate new risks and new opportunities in generation, transmission, distribution, commercial, and retail sectors.

NextEra Insights helps manage risks and identify opportunities.

Payback IndexTM provides return on investment (ROI) under all credible scenarios and sensitivities.

Payback IndexTM considers all revenue and cost streams originating from policy, legislation, regulation, programs, markets, transmission, distribution, environmental, commercial, retail, finance, and operations areas.

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In depth knowledge from diverse jurisdictions in Canada and USA

Broad experience and multi-disciplinary skillset

Excellent ideation, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication