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NextEra Insights Inc.

Areas of Our Expertise​


Advocating for the client in policy, legislation, regulation, or program development engagements

Need Assessment

Assessing the need for capital investments, or operating and maintenance expenses

Permit and License

Evaluating if detailed design of facility, program, or service meets all regulatory requirements

Cost of Service Study

Translating utility’s total revenue requirement into cost of providing various services

Rate Design

Converting cost recovery into economically efficient, effective, and practical price signals


Getting the Customer connected and energized as economically and expeditiously as possible

Business Case

Supporting projects from inception to retirement with focus on maximizing value creation at each stage

Models and Forecasts

Modeling financial, market, project, and regulatory parameters to create forecasts and projections


Strategic and tactical planning in todays’ complex, fast paced, and dynamic environment

Rules or Standards

Creating market, tariff, and settlement operational rules, and planning, reliability, and environmental standards

Operations and Compliance

Optimizing operations while maintaining compliance with all applicable requirements


On-demand detailed analysis, visualization, and reporting  for a variety of business needs

Training, facilitation, and arbitration

Through expertise, passion, independence, and objectivity.