Integrated Resource Planning Process

Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Process This post picks up from the last one on Electricity Industry Cycle. Up to about 1990, a single electricity Utility was responsible for generation, transmission, distribution, and retail services in most jurisdictions.In order to minimize the delivered cost of electricity, the integrated Utility performed Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) which provided […]

Electricity Industry Cycle

Electricity Industry Cycle A lot goes on behind the scenes in providing round the clock electricity to all Consumers be it residential, commercial like restaurants or stores, institutions like schools or hospitals, and industrial like paper, chemical, plastic, metal, or gasoline production. Storing electricity is not yet economic and production has to match consumption second […]

Keystone XL for the Hydrogen Economy?

Keystone XL for the Hydrogen Economy? Keystone XL was first proposed in 2008(!). Construction began earlier this year and now the President of the United States has cancelled the permit that allowed Keystone XL pipeline to cross the border from Canada into the United States. Proponents and Opponents have spent considerable time, energy, and money […]