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NextEra Insights Inc.

The Payback IndexTM

Payback IndexTM provides return on investment (ROI) under all credible scenarios and sensitivities.

Payback IndexTM considers all revenue and cost streams originating from policy, legislation, regulation, programs, markets, transmission, distribution, environmental, commercial, retail, finance, and operations areas.

Following charts provide generic result visualizations for a particular market and an asset on a standalone basis.

Every market is unique and ever changing. Some of the prominent factors being current supply and demand mix, applicable planning and operating requirements, and transition plan to net zero energy systems.

Additionally bidding or offering into competitive markets requires portfolio analysis and optimization to maximize the value of entire portfolio and not just a single asset.
Tax incentives for investments in renewable or cleaner energy sources are another big reason the analysis has to customized for the Corporation as a whole.

NextEra Insights will work with you to tailor the analysis to your specific situation, strategy, and plan.
Please contact us for a complimentary demonstration.